Jumping right in then.

MY new house has one of those disjointed master baths. You know? The kind with the slidey door between the toilet/shower area and the rest of the bathroom? Except my slidey door was knocked off its track long before the dude that lived here before me decided to paint everything three different shades of sadness – so now it’s stuck in the off-track position, so it’s just a bathroom with a doorway in the way.

I’m painting a mental picture here. Patience.


So Romana has this weird habit of sitting on the counter just on the other side of the stuck slidey door, so that when I get out of a shower or a bath I have to UNWILLINGLY expose myself to my cat just to get my bathrobe. I feel like I should be on the feline predator watch list, except she is always the instigator so it’s a good thing she is only around one other cat because otherwise she’d end up on Feline Dateline.

So anyway. I also have a habit of watching movies or TV shows while bathing. Which means my laptop comes with me. Before you ask, yes, this has already backfired on me. The laptop before this current one wanted a bath. The look on the Geek Squad Dude’s face when I handed him a dripping laptop was kinda worth it. Plus I got to play with an iPad for a week (when they were still newish) so that was also a plus.

So today I get out, and I go to set the laptop down and Romana is sitting there. The following conversation commenced:

Me: “Sorry but you’re gonna have to share with Laptop.”

Romana: *STARE*

Me: “I love you but I love laptop more”

Romana: *STARE*

Me: “Well not more, per se, but it cost more than you.”

Romana: *fucks off*

Me: “Well I guess over the course of your life you’ll cost me more than Laptop….”

Romana: *off playing with tissue paper somewhere because she is totally over my shit*

Me: “But by then…I’ll have probably bought a new laptop….so not really.”

Me: *Proud of my point* “I may finally have something to blog”

And then I sat down and realised that I would have to explain my bathroom set up and that almost discouraged me but here we are.

Unfortunately I’m not feeling that great, so I’m gonna bow out now, but now I once again remember I have this blog, so I’ll do my best.