So. Well…I can’t blame the house this time, because a lot of the last two months was waiting and waiting and waiting. So I’m not going to offer excuses this time, because it’s boring and dull and not entirely sincere.

Truth is, I kinda forgot about the blog. I have no clue why.

However, in unrelated news, I got the absolute joy of meeting Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) tonight and she gave me the best advice for dealing with my depression/ADD/and newly diagnosed social anxiety (more on that revelation later). It was given to her by the GREAT Neil Gaiman. “Pretend you’re good at it.”

So this is me, pretending to be good at it in all things. It’s been awhile, but my life can seem dull from time to time I guess. There were a few things that have happened that I plan on talking about, because they were highly amusing and stick out in my mind. I’m listing them for my benefit not yours, so feel free to skip this post and read about how my kitten punched me again (or for the first time depending on who you are. If you’re here for the first time, I promise, I’m not this dull usually. But it’s been a long week and I’m tired and Monday is going to suck and it’s looming. I need a nap).

So since we haven’t spoken I’ve

-Gone camping with Big A little a and learned what living really is

-Been diagnosed with social anxiety and had my entire life make sense to me

-Gotten approved on my house

-Been a dipshit in most things and I forgot I had a blog. Oh and we got another cat.

So I will try to write tomorrow, but no promises because I think the title of this post is a good enough disclaimer.

Until next time, I’m sorry my brain is forgetful. I’m trying to have it replaced


PS a VERY belated congratulations to Mrs Tribble on her (not so anymore, but still totally awesome and long due) wedding! I’m so happy that it finally happened for you! About time!