….So….I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while…I think the plan was to write it last Saturday (read: a week ago, damn I’m behind) but I was busy being all immobile and such.

So…There are certain things about my job that make me realize that I’m kinda insane and no one finds this shit and funny as I do. Except possibly HCT cause she started it. Poor thing has to go and fingerprint criminals and decided to practice on me last Friday. This was a dumb move because I decided to be ornery the whole time so she would be ready to deal with whatever bullshit inmates were to throw at her. She was pretty good at it too; she totally caught me when I tried to run away (although where I was going was a mystery seeing as how she was blocking the exit from the lab…). But I swear that I was helping. By running away. And making it super hard to print me. And having shitty fingerprints. Totally all me trying to be difficult. I am awesome…

I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to kill me yet, or just flat out stopped talking to me. Maybe because she’s using me for Bones info…I feel cheap and used now.

Anyways, in true “I work with fingerprints, therefore looking at patterns is entertaining” fashion, she notices something I never did.

My right thumbprint has a Superman ‘S’ in its core (the part in the middle that is the generally at the centre of your fingerprint, it’s also where the ridges get much closer together. I dunno how to explain it. Google it you lazy bastards!

Side note: the lights in my house just flickered…either my mum is ironing or we have a demon. I’m hoping for demon, I could make my own movie series….Does anyone know where I can buy cheap, but efficient video cameras? Anyone want to loan me theirs? I’ll give you like a percent of my profit. That may or may not be negotiable.

Another side note: my cat is too damn adorable. She heard the garage go up and perked up from a deep sleep like “FOOD?!?!?!?!” Then she moved to where I sleep on the bed just to piss me off…scratch that adorable thing…

ANYWAY (wow I have issues and should not have caffeine after 7. I’m like a Gremlin only less cute. And furry. Which is a good thing)

So we decided at that point to name my fingers after Super Heroes and Super Villains. Of course, this was after a heated debate about mixing comics and whether that was okay and if Batman counts as a Super Hero (and if he doesn’t, are we still allowed to use his villains? I don’t know if that came up but it should have).

So now my right hand is the forces of good. My thumb is Superman and my index finger is The Invisible Woman (I looked it up HCT, we were wrong). That one is named because when she printed it numerous times, the core kept disappearing and it was pissing her off. I was cackling with amusement. 😀

My left hand is the villains. The thumb is Two Face because of the pattern type (look up Double Loop if you’re curious to understand why we named it that way. Explaining it would be boring and then you would never listen to my ramblings again…and I would CRY…). My index finger is The Riddler because it forms a question mark when printed. It’s AWESOME (only because it was the only one I named).

Yea that’s right, I have so little control in my life that I can’t name my own damn prints (not that that’s a normal occurrence or anything, but still). All I have to do now is convince her to name the others, because they feel left out and are starting to rebel.

And on that note I leave you because I have to stop a finger riot. Or sleep. One of those.