Except for maybe: Monumentally.

Warning: Do not read this if you are offended by or sensitive to the topic of rape. This post could be seen as taking it lightly but I assure you I don’t. This conversation arose from telling my brother about the horrific rape cases that that I logged in today and as usual he didn’t take things seriously. Please stop reading if this will cause a trigger or is a topic you are uncomfortable with and I apologise.

We always have the most messed up dinner conversations. Today’s was about sex, porn and other things that you normally don’t discuss with your parents and/or brother.

So I’m explaining something from Bones to my brother and he starts doing Bones’s hand sex motion and one of the hands is completely still.

I point out that this is hand rape and he tries to explain how it’s not, mostly by telling me that it could be necrophilia. This was my response:

“But necrophilia is like Rape of the Dead, which sounds like Day of the Dead but is illegal on two counts.”

He didn’t even bat an eyelash or stop. My family is strange.