So earlier this week HCT asked me if I had written another post and I said no and I was trying to figure out a good excuse and today I decided to blame it all on T-y. It’s working out for me.

Have you ever put your iPod on shuffle and wondered if it had multiple personalities? I think some times that my iPod is spoiling me by backing my favourite songs together, and sometimes I think it’s just being incredibly strange because it goes from a fast and loud song to something incredibly soft and it totally fucks with your brain…then you start to write something (like this post for instance) and leave the soft song even though you really don’t like it. I’m dumb hold on.

Nope, still not working for me. Eh…That’s it.

Okay sorry, can’t be myself when my iPod’s pretending it’s in happy land. This song has the word ‘cannibal’ in it. It works for now.

So my job is cooler than yours. You want to know how I know this? Can you get inside a body bag at your work? NO. But I can. And I can take a picture of it and then giggle because the lighting really makes me look dead and it would be the BEST FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE EVER and then I can post it on facebook and giggle some more and then have HCT tell me I’m disturbing her. Get used to it woman, that’s how I roll.

…I think “that’s how I roll” is on my list of banned words/phrases. Yes, I’ve been banned from words and if you think about it, it’s probably for the best.

In other news I move out tomorrow, and it’s a damn good thing because my sanity (which is a part time resident anyway) is almost completely gone and I’m so stressed out I want to cry. That might be the real reason I didn’t post all week…cause I was packing everything I own into boxes in a five day span–and look, I own a lot of shit. Like I have to be a level 2 or 3 hoarder, I’m not sure how the levels work but I’m somewhere in there…–but it was way more fun to blame someone else (enjoy your blame T-y!!).

Side note, does anyone know how to type that copyright circle thing? or the trademark superscript, or the R circle thing? I feel the need to trademark code names. And I think my brother’s would look awesome with a TM next to it.

I suck at segues…