And I’m totally okay with that. That would be the best world ever. Every day would be a musical! And not like the Buffy musical where people die from the tapping (mostly cause I was really good at tap so I could control that shit), but like the Producers where even though we go to jail everyone is still really happy (and even when they’re not, they get an AMAZING eleven o’clock number) and everything turns out okay and I get my producers hat dammit. I’m rambling

So I totally waited until after I watched How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) kinda just to piss off HCT who said that I should wait and write this first but I’m mean. I also have nothing to write about really. Maybe because I’ve been really distracted because the fall season of all my TV shows have started (except Bones, but I can wait for that because it’s going to be worth it).

So I think I’ll just give you an update on the whole roommate thing. On Friday I woke up and found that all my painting supplies had been left in front of my door that leads out onto the patio/balcony. Now let me explain a few things. Even though this psychotic person says that I can use the apartment common rooms at ANY time, she’s not stopping me (her words) she was the one that started putting my things in front of my door or inside my room, making me feel like I couldn’t use them in the first place. And yes, I know I could use it just to spite her, or could have put the stuff back, but it was way more fun to make all my furniture disappear one day, and to win at any argument she makes about bill paying. Plus I don’t like the hostile feeling I get anytime I leave my room and REMEMBER that it drives her crazy when my door is closed all the time.

So without even trying, I’m kinda winning.

But back to the paint stuff. First of all, I only looked out my door in the morning because I thought I heard someone knocking on it the night before. And who knows, maybe some crazy rapist/murderer had scaled three floors of walls that were really not suited to climbing and then knocked on my door before opening the door which was unlocked…What a polite criminal. Never mind, I totally didn’t hallucinate that one….

So anyway (wow I can’t keep on track), I look down and see all our (my) painting supplies sitting right outside my door (exactly like she’s done with the rest of my stuff, but I can use those rooms whenEVER I want…/sarcasm). I stared at them for about two minutes while my head was trying to process this, because before they were in front of my door, they were FIVE FEET AWAY IN THE OUTSIDE STORAGE CLOSET. HONESTLY. If they were really bugging her that much she could have just closed the damn door for fuck’s sake. Really. So I just stared, because this is just a new level of crazy and lashing out for attention.

I thought about that all day, and finally decided to not say a word, just like I never said anything about her suddenly deciding to use the parking spot even though she’s more likely to hit five cars than get in the damn spot. I went home and I stared at the supplies again, wondering if they were going to give me any magical answers into the fucking-ass-shit-crazy mind that is my roommate. And then I moved them back into the closet and didn’t even shut the door.

I. Win.