Okay, don’t blame me, blame: Doctor Who, Torchwood, True Blood and Dexter. And possibly fanfiction and the movie The Help. I get easily distracted and it doesn’t help that I’m obsessive about television. The only true reason I’m writing right now is that it’s way better than cleaning my bathroom (although getting accidentally high on the fumes is a side benefit there I guess) and I’m waiting for last night’s episode to buffer. Although I think it’s done. Which means I’m writing this instead of watching that, so you’re welcome.

To be honest, most of the reason I didn’t write last week was because nothing super exciting happened. All I got last week was incredibly disappointed. And my biggest disappointment was that I wasn’t in Tokyo.

Yes I said Tokyo. Okay, so there’s this feature on Smart Phones that allows you to set the time for either your current location or a permanent location, like home, or if you’re me, London for some reason…shifty eyes….(have I mentioned I’m a complete Anglophile, I feel like I forgot to mention it and it’s kinda a huge chunk of my personality).

Back to the point. I have my phone on ‘current’ so that it changes when you travel, most phones do this on their own. So Wednesday night I went to check and make sure my alarms were good before calling my dad to tell him that I would be driving his sorry ass to the airport so make me dinner FOOL, and the time says: 11.45 am and that I’m in Tokyo. Now, I’m not huge on Japan, but I was way impressed that it was (a) tomorrow, and (b) that I had somehow traveled to a foreign country since I had eaten dinner in my bedroom. Then I looked up and saw my new crappy sheets that I hate and all my other shit and I was incredibly disappointed. It wasn’t tomorrow, it was today (or Wednesday really), I was still at home hiding from the bitch of all bitches, and I would probably still have to go to work the next day. A realization that my brain taunted me with by making me dream it was going to be Saturday.

I think there might have been some disappointment in there too about the fact that my phone transported me to Tokyo rather than London. Fail there phone. I think the rhinestoned Union Flag that you have as a phone cover would have given you a clue that I want to go there, not Japan. I need to give my phone a talking to.

Excuse me, it’s time for some discipline.